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A Healthy Dose Of Pain

by Evripidis and his Tragedies

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Evripidis and his Tragedies’ second album is entitled “A Healthy Dose Of Pain” and one could say it’s a passionate kiss between bohemian Barcelona and classical Athens. The title lent from a Belle & Sebastian lyric is ideal for the 12 small autobiographical “tragedies”, composed and written by Evripidis Sabatis. Despite the generous doses of humor in his lyrics and the happy notes that reveal influences from the 60s pop, each of the tracks contains its own little drama. Along with Evripidis and the 7 Spaniards, already known as Evripidis and his Tragedies, this album features many more talented and interesting musicians from Spain (and other countries). Together they give a taste of polyphonic Barcelona, where the entire album was recorded.

As the needle gently touches the grooves of the first side … the changes brought from life look like teeth that fall out, sometimes to be replaced with new and sometimes to leave a gap between teeth. Summers are carefree and lazy, but with some underlying sadness. Little sisters are victims of torture and cause guilt. Childhood, a treasure lost as soon as hormones invade our lives. Heroes face marriage with sweet anticipation, as happiness seems possible even for a day, but also with skepticism, because deep down they know that nothing lasts forever and that monogamous relationships often fail and get on a ship to escape their old lives, without knowing if they will spend the whole journey drinking at the ship’s decadent disco, or they will descend to an exotic island where a new life is waiting for them. “Ideal” love is a silk handkerchief in the chest pocket, while a one night stand is just a crumpled tissue in the garbage. Passion, a tsunami born in the depths of the ocean, leaves debris but offers brief but memorable moments to those who dare to surf on it. Withering plants on the balcony serve as a substitute for a lost relationship, but also as symbols of the futility of love. Apartments sink in darkness and all sorts of risks lurk in the shadows. Small objects, old tapes, forgotten mobile text messages, even the parent’s hair that turn white…these are all small, healthy doses of pain and favorite dead people return, to get in the car with the living, to make one last ride and to assure that after the end, there is another world, full of celebrations and laughter.

The album “A Healthy Dose Of Pain” is available from Inner Ear, in limited edition vinyl including cd. The cd includes the bonus track “Este Verano (Pensé Que Te Había Perdido Para Siempre)” in Spanish.


released September 10, 2011


tags: pop Barcelona


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Evripidis and his Tragedies Barcelona, Spain

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