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Futile Games In Space And Time

by Evripidis and his Tragedies

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Evripidis Sabatis presents his third album “Futile Games In Space And Time” via his personal music project Evripidis and his Tragedies. Since his previous album “A Healthy Dose Of Pain" he has spent time between Barcelona and Athens with in-between trips to various parts of the world, where sometimes as a one-man show and other times as a multi-member band Evripidis and His Tragedies played live at various venues and festivals.

“Futile Games In Space And Time” was recorded in Barcelona, New York and Athens, mixed in New York by Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields, The Davenports) and mastered in Sweden by Philip Granqvist (Jens Lekman, Taken By Trees, Jose Gonzalez). It features many special guests including Uncle LD (Magnetic Fields) and Sarah P. (ex Keep Shelly In Athens).

The characteristic style of Evripidis is as always distinguished from melodic pop romance, black humor lyrics and influences from old musicals, films and pop music from the 50s until today. A self-sarcastic trip passing through unfulfilled love, teenage daze, distant islands, haunted bedrooms, futile games in space and time, dreary coach stations at dawn, the world of ghosts, hospital rooms, the bar around the corner and ends up in front of a mirror.

"Futile Games In Space And Time" will be released in Greece this spring on vinyl and digital album via Inner Ear.


released February 26, 2016


Evripidis Sabatis: vocals, grand piano, synths

Cristina de Sola-violin
Jaume Ribell-drums
Victor Antolín-bass

Borja Rosal- electric guitar on tracks 3, 5 & 9
Brooke Backman- vocals on tracks 3, 6 & 8
Daniel Scott Erickson- vocals on track 3
Elsa De Alfonso-backing vocals on track 1, acoustic guitar on track 7, electric guitar on tracks 1& 7
Jordi Colombi- electric guitar on tracks 8 & 10, cello on tracks 1& 11
Juanjo Alba- electric guitar on track 9, percussion on track 2, 3& 10, synth on track 3
Laura Antolín- vocals on tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 11 & 12
Luis Berges- mandolin on tracks 2, 6 & 10
Marisol Simó- vocals on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 & 12
Marc Ribera- musical saw on track 12, vocals on tracks 1, 2, 5, 7, 11 & 12
Odil Bright- synths on 8 & 11
Santi Rivas- electric guitar on tracks 2 & 12
Sarah P.-vocals on tracks 4 & 7
Xavi Tort- trumpet on tracks 1, 3, 9, 11, 12
Uncle LD- vocals on track 10
Ville Hopponnen- electric guitar on tracks 2, 4, 6

All songs written by Evripidis Sabatis. Lyrics on tracks 10 & 11 based on texts by David Bestué.

All songs arranged by Evripidis Sabatis. Drums, bass and guitar arrangements by the respective musicians. Some additional arrangements by Juanjo Alba.

Recorded by Juano Alba at Chema Boo Boo Studio (Barcelona). Additional recordings by Hillary Johnson at Earthlight Room (NYC) and George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios (Athens).
Mixed by Charles Newman at Cottage Studios (Brooklyn).
Master by Philip Granqvist.

Artwork and design by Ico Mateo.
Evripidis´ portraits by Daniel Riera. Other musicians’ portraits provided by themselves.



all rights reserved


Evripidis and his Tragedies Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Island
I once had a dream and it never came true
I once had a dream and it never came true
In his arms I´d find that island
Where summers are long and lazy and full of songs
Where winters are spent by the fireplace, with a fat cat on our lap
Eating chestnuts and sharing a blanket

I once had a dream and it never came true
I once had a dream and it never came true
Our island would float in the middle of the ocean
And no pain nor fear could ever reach us
From time to time we´d climb the hills
Through thick forests and steep cliffs
And from the top, we would gaze at the horizon

The sunrise, the sunset
And whales playing in between
Their tales waving goodbye as they´d dive
Their heads saying hello as they´d rise from the deep

He´d turn to me and without words
Just with a blink of an eye
He´d reassure me
That everything´s in order
No enemy, no harm, no trouble along our border

I once had a dream and it never came true
I once had a dream but it never came true
I found out the day
I found out the day that I met you.
Track Name: Dreamboat
You´re my dreamboat
And I want to sail
The seven seas with you
I want to see the world
I dream all day
Of all the things we´d do
Of all those things we´d see
If only you were mine
You have opened a brand new horizon
Right before my eyes

You´re my dreamboat
And I could ride
The rogue waves with you
I could laugh at the face of the Maelstrom
My petty troubles would seem so out of place
If you were by my side
What could ever bother me?
But we´re stuck in this small town
Where everybody knows I love you
And everybody suspects that you don´t
I wonder if my ship´s ever coming in

My friends are saying
That you are so much more
Titanic than Love Boat
And that you´ll drag me down, down, down, down
But all those evenings
That we spend in my room
They always take me higher
Than wine, pot or glue
I´d die to sail with you to distant islands
Or hit the sea bed
Among fish and mermaids
We´d lose our heads
Oh what a happy shipwreck we could be
Just say you'll love me
´Cause it's hard to be
Just your friend
When I yearn to cruise with
You to the end
You´re my dreamboat
You´re my dreamboat
You´re my dreamboat
Oh you´re my dreamboat
My Dream Boy too!
Track Name: Fifteen Again
Once more I`m waiting for you
With cool sangria in the fridge.
We´ll do what we like the most
Play some music
I´ll hit some chords you love
I wish I´d hit your chords of love
But I´m reluctant
So I´d rather watch you pulling
Hilarious faces while you sing

Oh you make me feel fifteen again
The music sounds so fresh again
The tones we hit echo so bright
I wish you stayed a little more tonight!

Every time I think of you
My heart makes that funny sound
Of a thousand raging bulls
Especially when you´re around
And you touch my arm.
I´d love to grab a bit more
But there´s no hurry
´Cause I know when we´ll part
You´ll smother me in your bear´s hug and

You´ll make me feel fifteen again
Birds will sing in my head again
You make this longing feel so right
I wish you could be mine tonight!

And then I go and spoil it all
Like a true teenage jerk.
In a drunken haze I propose:
“Can I taste you?” And you say “yeah!”
And we kiss, then we collapse.
Next morning I crawl into your arms
I cherish your scent till you wake up
But then you tell me we can be just friends

And you make me feel fifteen again.
My dreams of love are smashed again
Your arrow hits me so precisely
I swear I´d died if you hadn’t treated me nicely
But you did, but you did, but you did

Listening to the Marine Girls.
The day is cloudy, it suits my mood
You say that nothing has to change
You give me your most heart-melting smile
And now we have to find
A good excuse to tell your boss
´Cause you never went to work
And your lie was terribly lame!

We´re a disaster, fifteen again
We´re dumb, we´re stupid, we´re nuts again
Can we spend the whole day in bed
talking, smoking ´till we drop dead?

You make me feel fifteen again
The songs talk to my heart again
It´s bittersweet but it feels right
I´ll sing my lungs out for you tonight
Tonight, tonight
I´ll lose my head for you tonight.
Track Name: Buying Time
You appear at my door
And I wonder if it shows
Do I look like a dog wagging it´s tail?
I´ll offer you beer mixed with lemonade
¨Cause the night is young, let´s take it easy
We play each other songs
And videos on youtube
I´m buying time, yes I´m buying time
And then we´re out in the streets,
we fly from bar to bar like moths around the lamposts on a summer night.
We talk of a million things ´till my head starts burning and my ears buzz.
Out of the blue you tell me you long for true love
And something inside me falls apart
But I´m buying time, so I won´t have to say
How I feel for you.

We end up in my house all trashed up
And drink some more to the point of no return
We watch videos of tidal waves and hurricanes
Like the ones that roam inside me
I´m buying time until it´s time for you to go but

Come another night,
if by chance we do belong, it could be some kind of heaven
I can always find some excuse to meet
After all we have plenty of stuff to discuss like:
The seventies new wave scene,
Our fear of the bugs or some crazy dream
If your blazer´s color suits your overall
You can even talk to me about football!
I am buying time until I´ll have the guts to say
How I feel for you.
Will you ever do, will you ever?
Will I ever do, will I ever?
Maybe next week…
Track Name: 1959
Cheri walk with me, like it´s 1959
As if we were in Paris, haunting every night
We danced to the rock n´ roll (we´d shake our hips ´till dawn)
At six feet below the ground (so very deep underground)
This nightclubs will become our tombs for sure
´Cause we drink and smoke as if
There were no tomorrow

Cheri walk with me, like it´s 1959
Let´s creep through the backstreets
Like two brothers in crime
Left Bank whores would know our names (we would be their faves)
The philosophers too (the kids, the drunks, the madmen too)
They´d say we´re like two wandering beasts, two lost souls
Two ghosts that fade away in the early morning light

It´s 1959

Cheri come to me like it´s 1959
Your eyes look so sad, you can´t hide behind a smile
We don´t know what we met for (we don´t know a thing)
Or what tomorrow has in store (will you buy me a ring?)
I don´t have answers and it´s dawn, let´s go home
We could cross the river as the city wakes up
No belts on, full speed, let´s go!

(1959) I know I´m losing my mind
(1959) we´re running out of tricks and time
(1959) we´re not in Paris but don´t go home alone, be mine
(1959) ´cause in my heart it´s always, always, always
(1959) and I´ll be waiting for you
(1959) for you.
Track Name: Secrets Of The Moon
I thought that I had come prepared
That I had red my books
Before I ´d let myself go boom
By your silver charms and looks
But all knowledge would be useless
I would find out soon
So I just rely on you
To show me in full display
The secrets of the Moon

Explain to me why people turn to wolves
Or go insane
Where do the poets find their words
What makes you cry in the rain
What haunted breeze gave me the chills
On that warm evening in June
My eyes get blurry every time
I beg you to show me
The secrets of the Moon.

Under your spell I feel sometimes like
Floating in a lake on a hot summer night
Gazing at the milky way
But suddenly I start to howl
My hands turn to claws
And my mind is at stake
I kick and I punch things
My star starts to fade
I become cruel
I begin to break.
How much longer can I take
This tidal life for you?

And when we´re apart I confess
I sometimes feel relieved
´Cause I can be myself again
And I can freely breath
But independence doesn’t last too long
I always find out soon
That you´ve placed a chain around my heart
Made of burning love
And the secrets of the Moon.
Track Name: Η Πόλη Φάντασμα (Ghost Town)
Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα είναι έρημοι οι δρόμοι
Σωροί σκουπίδια φράζουνε τα πεζοδρόμια
Εδώ κανείς δεν περπατά κάνουμε βόλτες μόνοι
Το χέρι κράτα μου σφιχτά να διώξεις τα δαιμόνια

Οι λεωφόροι αδειανές οι στοές όχι και τόσο
Άστεγοι ξαποστένουνε σε χάρτινα κουτιά
Κι οι πόρνες απηυδήσανε το δίνουν όσο όσο
Το κουρασμένο τους κορμί που φέραν από μακριά

Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα μα εγώ δεν τη φοβάμαι
Όσο σε έχω πλάι μου αστεία να μου λες
Εσύ τις διώχνεις τις σκιές τα βράδια όταν κοιμάμαι
Το αύριο δεν σκέφτομαι το έσβησα το χθες

Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα μα που είναι οι μεθυσμένοι
Οι σερβιτόροι μες στα μπαρ κοιτάζουν το κενό
Είναι εικοσάρηδες μα μοιάζουν γερασμένοι
Είναι άραγε αδιέξοδο ετούτο το στενό

Είναι η νύχτα σκοτεινή τα φώτα είναι σβησμένα
Κι έπιασε αέρας δυνατός σα σκύλος αλυχτά
Και στο Μουσείο οι σκιές φριχτά, απεγνωσμένα
Καρτερικά προσμένουνε μια δόση λησμονιά

Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα μα εγώ δεν τη φοβάμαι
Όσο σε έχω πλάι μου αστεία να μου λες
Εσύ τις διώχνεις τις σκιές τα βράδια όταν κοιμάμαι
Το αύριο δεν σκέφτομαι το έσβησα το χθες

Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα και σέρνει αλυσίδες
Παλιούς καιρούς θυμάται και με πίκρα ξεφυσά
Μα ακόμα δε σωθήκανε όλες της οι ελπίδες
ακόμα και τα βάσανα δεν είν’ παντοτινά

Στο λόφο ανεβαίνουμε μέσα απ’ τα σοκάκια
Έχει μου λέει πανσέληνο ορίστε που ανατέλλει
Μοσχοβολά βασιλικό κι ορίστε δυο γατάκια
Του δίνω ρουφηχτό φιλί και άλλο που δε θέλει

Είναι η πόλη φάντασμα μα εγώ δεν τη φοβάμαι
Όσο σε έχω πλάι μου αστεία να μου λες
Εσύ τις διώχνεις τις σκιές τα βράδια όταν κοιμάμαι
Το αύριο δεν σκέφτομαι το έσβησα το χθες
Track Name: Coach Station
I had thought about it several times before
Leaving your house at dawn, like a shadow
And never coming back
I only hoped that when the time would arrive
I´d be strong enough to
Open the door, numb enough not to cry
Well, I almost made it
The ticket´s in my hand
You have to understand
That this time it´s goodbye
This time it´s goodbye
This time it´s goodbye
And how I hate goodbyes
Last night you begged me
To treasure the good times
Right now it´s hard dear
For you´re the one
Who makes my my heart skip a beat

Once more at the station, looking weary and lost
Such a gloomy place in these early hours
Full of sleepy people
Shabby-looking drivers and ruthless neon lights
Funny how used I was
This ugliness was just a step before I´d see
Your lovely face again
No need to go through these stale
Waiting rooms any more
For this time it´s goodbye (it´s goodbye)
This time it´s goodbye (it´s goodbye)
And how I hate goodbyes
Last night you begged me
To treasure the good times
Right now it´s hard dear
But you´re the one
Who makes my heart skip a beat.

I know it is not all your fault (it´s not your fault)
We drove each other crazy (oh so crazy)
A valium and I hope (and I hope)
I´ll cease thinking (oh please stop!)
Endlessly revisiting (don´t go back don´t go back)
The wounds of that corpse (to that corpse!)

I´m curling up in my seat, cuddling myself to sleep
Engines starting, fasten your seat belts
It´s going to be a bumpy ride
A long and winding road
That´s taking me far away
Far way from you.
Track Name: Bedrooms
A single ray of light
Creeps into the bedroom
It is far too late
Even by my standards
I refuse to open the shuts
And face the day
And I don´t care if the world
Has moved from it´s axis today
I have a long-distance call
From a heartbroken friend
Sounds familiar?
She´s spent the whole night crying
I do my best to cheer her up
Then I fall asleep again, I dream of you
Naked in my arms, It´s pure bliss
The phone rings again oh shit
Tt´s you, this joke is sick
Now I´m a bag of nerves

The part of my bed you used to occupy
Has turned into a no-man´s land
A parking lot for fags, books, magazines
And lonely dreams

Soon it will be dark
And I´ll feel brave enough to go outside
And join that other kind of people
Those who don´t live in their bedrooms
We all feel better after dusk
It´s easy to hide our fears
Ain´t o failures nor upsets
That can´t get drowned in a couple of beers
And for a while we are strong!

The part of my bed you used to occupy (used to occupy)
Has turned into a cheap motel room (just a motel room)
Random lovers spend the night
But breakfast isn´t included

There is nothing I´d wish more
Than sharing bedrooms again
To fall asleep while wrapping my arms
Around your slender frame
Wish I could get some sleep again

It ´already six a.m
Another slow day is downing
This is not gonna last, I tell myself
Soon I´ll reach the bottom
And then the only way is up
I won´t be a train wreck any more
And from some kind of heaven
I´ll look down upon my bedroom days
My nights in the bars and you and I´ll laugh

But ´till then I can´t help from hiding (I can´t help from hiding)
Procrastinating endlessly (endlessly)
From staring at the walls of my bedroom

(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
(There is nothing I´d wish more than sharing bedrooms again)
Track Name: Futile Games In Space And Time
I throw birds made of clay
Into thin air
They fly for a minute
Fair enough
I move things constantly
To watch their orbit
To see how they change
Shape and size
I don´t expect them to love me
To care for me
They´re just volumes and games
In Space and Time

(I threw my heart on you
Into thin air
We flew together for a while
Fair enough
I pulled every string
To create a common orbit
And saw how you changed
Shape and size
I expected you to love me
To care for me
It was just a futile game
In Space and Time)

(In Space and Time)

Because Space is crazy
and Time has never been on our side
So we just keep on
Throwing birds of clay
Into thin air
But they are not real birds
After all (after all)
They will never really fly
They´re just poor imitations
They are futile games
In Space and Time
In Space and Time
In Space and Time.
Track Name: He Dances In The Shadows
There he dances in the shadows
Of this bleak hospital room
There he sways, there he grins
A dreadful mouth that starts to sing

He will strip us off everything we got
When one day he´ll dance for us
Maybe in a room or in the street
He´ll sway his hips
And start to sing

Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco
Nemini Parco

But he hadn’t got his way yet love (Nemini Parco)
So hold me tight love (Nemini Parco)
Make me forget him (Nemini Parco)
You can bring life, only you can
As long as you hold my hand.
Track Name: It's Always You

It´s such a shame the headaches I´ve won
From last night´s fight with vodka and rum
I guess that´s a clear sign that you and I had
An after hours encounter
I made myself again the fool of the town
Still people insist I´m so much fun to be around
I guess I´acting large every time I feel tiny like a crumb of bread
Leave me alone because I´m not over it yet
Need more time and more drinks to forget
I wish I´d be dreaming and scheming for somebody new
But it´s always you

You and I wanted things done in different ways
So I guess it was a wise move of yours to let it slip away
Then why the hell do I drink two drinks a time whenever you´re around?
All your friends like me a lot but have they noticed
That my eyes shine with a crazy glow
Every time I steal a smile from you?
And do they know that my heart is a teenage room
Stacked with seven-inch vinyls
And full-size posters
Of singers who had hits a long, long time ago
Full of shabadabadas and wowowows?
I look from the keyhole hoping to see somebody new
But it´s always you (it´s always you)
It´s always you (it´s always you)
it´s always you (it´s always you)
It´s always you!

Who´s holding the knife? (It´s always you!)
Who lurks in the shadows? (It´s always you!)
And who´s to blame for this shame and downfall? (It´s always you!)
Oh dear mirror.